//A farewell to an old equine friend.

Today was a sad day for Candice, Saying goodbye to her beloved Thoroughbred X horse age 38. Danny was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour which has now spread far into his bladder, resulting in him being exhausted and unable to carry on being a horse. Candice had to make the decision on what’s best for this old boy and decided to make a date for him to start his new journey over rainbow bridge where he could carry on being a horse for ever where his suffering and pain would come to an end. Candice has owned her horse Danny for almost twenty years, caring for him and giving him the best life. He has spent his retirement living out in a lush green field in warrington happy and content with all the love and attention that could be given.

Candice wanted some lasting memories before he passed and contacted me to see if I could help. How could I not? with a very tearful yes we arranged the date for the goodbye session.

was probably the most heart breaking equine Photography shoot I have ever had to do and the love between them both during, shone through. the image below shows their story it was true and real. love overpowered the camera capturing this special moment.

I think this photograph will always bring a tear to my eye.

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